2015– 2016 Grimsby Mixed Volleyball League

Volleyball Rules – Mixed all Divisions

  1. Six players on the court at one time. Only three men permitted on the court at one time. Teams must have a minimum of 5 players on the court. Flow rotation substitution is allowed only through one position on the court continually each game. This may be the server prior to serve or front row or any other, each team has choice. No other substitution is allowed except for a legitimate injury or emergency as determined by the net referee.

  2. You may use a player from another team to play a match on any given night – this is to be used Regular Season only and only in an emergency to avoid forfeit situation – Playoff amendment – must have 3 women on the court for playoff games.

  3. There must be a minimum of five players to begin the game and with a minimum of two women (3 for playoff games). A five-minute grace period will be given at the beginning of the hour. (This five- minute period is normally the warm-up period given prior to the start of each game.) After this grace period, the late team will automatically forfeit one game. If after another five minutes (total ten minutes) the team can still not field a team, the entire match is forfeited. A $25.00 team fine will also be imposed on the team that forfeits and that team must replace the $25.00 forfeit deposit before their next scheduled game. Three forfeited matches will result in expulsion from the league and no refund will be given on the season. Note: Teams must notify the division or league rep and the rep from the opposing team 48 hours prior to game time if they cannot attend with sufficient players and no forfeit will be charged. Insufficient notice results in forfeit. Attending players still have the option of using their hour to practice or play.

  4. Each team has a roster that must be handed in to the League Rep prior to start of play of the first game of the season. This roster may be amended to add or delete players any time up to start of play of your last December game. Rosters must at all times reflect the names and signatures of any and all players in order to be eligible prior to the play of any game. This in order to ensure insurability and compliance to these rules and the ‘Rules of Conduct’. No player may be on more than 1 roster per division. By signing the roster, players agree to comply with the both set of rules and code of conduct. In unforeseen circumstances, the League may allow changes after the December roster change cut-off.

  5. A match consists of up to five games. In order to allow for the maximum number of games, each game after the first must commence no less than two minutes after the end of the previous game. Points are awarded on a ‘rally point’ basis. The team that scores 21 points first wins each game. This should allow for at least four or more games each hour. Games are played to time limit if necessary. This means a game can start at any time prior to end of the hour unless there are less than ten minutes remaining. Games starting with more than five but less than ten minutes will be played to a point total determined by the referee. Do not need to win this game by two points. This point total needed overrides time limit. No game may start with less than five minutes remaining. If a fifth, tie-break game is necessary to decide the match, it is played to 15 points or time limit and the winner must again win by two points unless time runs out first. Points will be awarded by each game won with a maximum of 4 points awarded per night. Standing will be based on Winning percentage. A Team leading four games to none cannot gain a 5th point however, game still needs to be played as team losing match 4-0 gain still gain 1 point.

  6. The serving player has 10 seconds to put ball in play after whistle and must serve ball on their first attempt. Infraction of either rule will result in loss of serve and point awarded to opposing team.

  7. Due to time limitations, games are played to the time limit at the end of each full hour, i.e.7 :15 PM, as given by the time clock or by the referee’s watch if no time clock is available. If the time-limit cuts short any game, the team leading in points in that game will win that game.

  8. Olympic Rules’ are in effect with the exception that no ball may be kept alive with any contact below the waist. Again, points are awarded on a rally point basis.

  9. The ball may legally touch the net on serve as well as at any other time during play.

  10. After each loss of serve, the team due to serve must rotate one person to the right.

  11. The ball must pass above the net and between the court sidelines to be in play. If the ball touches the sidelines it will be considered ‘in’ and if it hits the antennae will be considered out. The ref may defer the call to players nearest the play but may make the call himself. Sportsmanship is anticipated.

  12. A player may not make consecutive touches of the ball with the exception of the player making a block at the net. Each team has three hits to get the ball back to the opposition court.

  13. Serves may not be blocked at the net. Serves may be set or bumped. On a hard hit serve, (as determined by the referee) a double hit is permissible – as per regular rules...

  14. Lifting, scooping, carrying and double hits are not permitted (except on the initial touch after a hard hit serve or spike). The referee will call the game and his decisions are final.

  15. A player may not touch the net or cross the centerline. They may put their hands only above the net to block but may not interfere with the opposition’s play or setting … with the exception of the offensive team’s third hit or contact of the ball. In that situation, a defensive player with hands over the net may block the ball, but must allow the offensive player to hit the ball first. TOUCHING THE NET OR CROSSING THE CENTER LINE IS A FOUL IN OUR LEAGUE FOR SAFETY PURPOSES!

  16. Offensive players may only hit the ball from their side of the court. Blocking after the oppositions hit (directed over the net only) is the only touch permitted in the opposition’s court. Ie. You may not interfere with ‘sets’.

  17. No back line player may spike or block the ball (leave their feet in a spiking or blocking motion).

  18. Ball is in play off ceiling (not wall) on your own side of the net.

  19. Referee’s decisions are final. Sportsmanship is expected.

  20. Players may be on more than one roster in the league but not within a division.

  21. No aggressive Spiking when C division teams are playing (each other or B teams)

  22. In the event a match needs a deciding game and time has expired a teams play alternate serve (rally point) to 5 points.